Safety Camera Statistical Analysis Report

GoSafe is pleased to publish a statistical analysis report that independently assesses the effect of the Safety Camera scheme within Wales.  The report has been completed by the Local Government Data Unit Wales, who were commissioned to carry out the work in January 2015.

 The evaluation process used within the report closely follows the same rigorous methodology adopted by Professor Richard Allsop, who was previously commissioned by The RAC Foundation to independently review the National Safety Camera Scheme in the UK.  At that time, his findings were that “speed cameras have offered continuing road safety benefits since their widespread introduction between 2001 and 2005” See more at:   

The latest report examines the impact of speed cameras within Wales, and looks at those roads in the vicinity of a speed camera, or where mobile camera vans operate from time to time.

The findings of the report are that there is evidence to suggest that speed cameras in Wales reduce both the speed of vehicles and the number of Fatal or Serious Collisions in their vicinity. The results vary in significance according to the camera type; which is to be expected, due to the permanent nature of fixed cameras.

GoSafe will now take the findings of the report and look at our camera infrastructure in Wales and identify where we can improve the contribution to reducing speeds to keep communities safe.