August 2019
Spotlight On Sites - Hopkinstown

The A4058, Gyfeillion Road in Hopkinstown, Rhondda Cynon Taff has a maximum speed limit of 40mph, and is one of our Digital Fixed Camera Sites.


This particular road came to our attention due to the high casualty rate. There had been 12 collisions at this site in which people had been killed or seriously injured. There had been 4 fatalities and 8 people had received serious, life changing injuries; amongst these casualties were 4 children and 1 pedestrian. There had also been 9 minor collisions with 25 people receiving slight injuries, including 2 children and 1 pedestrian.


As with all our sites, an initial speed survey was undertaken and showed that 85% of the traffic was travelling at speeds up to 50mph with 40% travelling at speeds above the maximum speed limit of 40mph and 5% travelling at speeds over 55mph.


Due to the high casualty rate and the fact that high speeds were being recorded throughout the day it was decided to install a fixed speed camera. Since the installation of the speed camera there have been no fatal or serious injury collisions and only two minor injury collisions witnessed on this road.


The most recent speed survey indicates that the average speed at the site is 32mph with only 2% of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of the limit, none of which are travelling at 55mph or more. This is a clear indication that the presence of the fixed speed camera has worked in its main aim of reducing speeds and changing the behaviour of motorists on this road.


We are the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership; the most important word being Reduction. All our activities are aimed at reducing casualties on our roads and as is clearly evident in this site, a reduction in casualties both fatal and serious has been achieved.


When you see a fixed camera at a location, rest assured that it is there for a reason and for the right reason. As is shown in the evidence above the reduction in speeds mean a reduction in fines being issued. We don't want your money, what we want is to see this reduction as this shows that the camera is working as the deterrent we hoped it would be.


Every site is selected to make that location safer for all road users and to reduce injuries and deaths. We want to make Welsh roads safer for everyone.