August 2019
Spotlight On Sites - Cardiff

The A48, Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff has a maximum speed limit of 30mph and is one of our Fixed Camera Sites.


The initial speed survey conducted in 2000 showed that the average speed through the 30mph zone was 37.73mph. 15% of the vehicles were travelling at speeds over 42mph with 3.4% of traffic travelling at 45mph or more.


95% of the vehicles were exceeding the speed limit.


There had been 5 serious collisions at this site, 3 involving pedestrians.

Two people had been killed and three had received serious injuries.

There had also been 42 collisions where 62 people had received minor injuries including 8 pedestrians and 10 children.


This is a busy road through a residential area with schools, shops and other businesses.


Due to the high number of collisions/casualties and the fact that this is a very busy route it was decided to install a fixed camera unit in 2000.


The latest speed survey shows that the average speed of the traffic has fallen to 23.25mph. Only 5% of vehicles travel at speeds in excess of 31.8mph with only 9.7% exceeding the 30mph speed limit.


There has been a marked reduction in collisions and casualties at the site since the fixed camera was installed. In the last 2 years there have been no fatalities, two collisions involving serious injuries and five collisions involving minor injuries.


When you see a fixed camera at a location, rest assured that it is there for a reason and for the right reason. As is shown in the evidence above the reduction in speeds mean a reduction in fines being issued. We don't want your money, what we want is to see this reduction as this shows that the camera is working as the deterrent we hoped it would be.

Every site is selected to make that location safer for all road users and to reduce injuries and deaths. We want to make Welsh roads safer for everyone.