August 2019
Spotlight on Sites - Llangollen

In 2004 a speed survey conducted on the A539, Mill Street, Llangollen, recorded an average speed of 37mph with 84% of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of the limit with 8% travelling at speeds over 45mph.


In the three years prior to the establishment of this site there had been two collisions resulting in serious injuries, one involving a pedestrian. There had also been four minor collisions where 4 persons had sustained minor injuries, three of these involved pedestrians. There was obviously a serious problem at this site for vulnerable road users.


This is a highly populated residential area with a number of public houses and shops and is a busy thoroughfare that forms the main route through the town north of the River Dee.


Since the site was established average speeds have reduced to 29 mph, although 35% of drivers are still driving at speeds in excess of the limit. The number of drivers travelling at speeds in excess of 45 mph has fallen from 8% to only 0.7%.


Casualties at the site fell to zero in October 2014 and have remained at this figure since.


When you see our enforcement vans at a location, rest assured that we are there for the right reason and at the right time. Every site is selected to make that location safer for all road users and to reduce injuries and deaths. We want to make Welsh roads safer for everyone.