November 2019
First Ever Road Safety Week Fashion Show

We have been collaborating with the University of South Wales with the support of Road Safety Designs and our partners from Road Safety Wales over the past few months on an exciting and innovative project. The months of hard work, preparation and planning came to fruition in conjunction with Brake's Road Safety week on Friday, 22nd November in the spectacular surroundings of the National Museum of Wales.


Road Safety Week is always a key week for engagement and for raising awareness of road safety. Road safety affects all of us on a daily basis; whether we are pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders or motorists. We all use the roads and we all make decisions when using the roads, decisions which can affect not only our own safety but the safety of other road users around us. 


Teresa Ciano, Partnership manager for GoSafe said:


"This year GoSafe wanted to reach out to young drivers, a demographic that are statistically at a higher risk on our roads during Road Safety Week. We wanted to engage with young drivers in a creative, educational and innovative way which would increase their knowledge of road safety and actively encourage them to engage with road safety and to raise awareness within their peer groups. We've all heard of "fashion week" and we wanted to link that in to "road safety week".


Fashion is something else which affects all of us on a daily basis, even if we don't think about it or realise that it does. The students on the Fashion courses at the University of South Wales have been researching road safety and designed and created a fashion collection inspired by road safety messages, signs and campaigns with the aim of changing behaviours and attitudes of young drivers towards road safety and we're honoured to be working alongside them for this campaign.


The daily decisions we make when using the roads really could save lives. Wearing your seatbelt, driving to the conditions of the road, waring suitable clothing, being aware of your surroundings, not using your mobile phone. All small decisions but making the wrong decision could result in bigger consequences." 



The evening, sponsored by Road Safety Design, and supported by Brake, the road safety charity which coordinates Road Safety Week across the UK and other road safety partners was a fantastic success. The catwalk showcased some amazing designs by the young designers which took part. Through their innovative, crazy and fascinating creations important road safety messages were conveyed through the visual platform of fashion and design. 


Road Safety Designs Co-Founder and Commercial Director, Carol Gillianders, said:


"We are delighted to have worked in partnership with GoSafe on the very first Road Safety Week Fashion Show. We can all do something to improve road safety, which is why we set up our business and designed the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle to help keep motorists safe and seen on the roadside. Who knew it would also double up as the perfect catwalk accessory?We have seen some incredible designs from fashion students at the University of South Wales and we're proud to have helped give them a platform to showcase their fantastic creations - all inspired by road safety." 


The evening gave young people the opportunity to engage with GoSafe and learn about road safety in a fun, creative and quirky way. By giving them a platform to express their ideas of road safety via fashion it helped us in our work of raising awareness of road safety amongst young drivers, in whose hands the future of road safety resides.