November 2019
Spotlight on Sites - Pant Road, Newbridge

Between 2014 and 2016 there had been 2 serious collisions on Pant Road, Newbridge, resulting in one fatality and one person contracting serious, life-chanign injuries; one of these casualties was a pedestrian. There had also been 2 minor injury collisions resulting in 5 people receiving injuries, one of which was a pedestrian. 


An initial speed survey conducted in 2016 showed that the average speed through the 30mph zone was 31mph. Of more concern was the fact that over half of the drivers were exceeding the stated limit with a small number (1 in 100) travelling at speeds of 45mph and more.


Since 22,000 vehicles use the road daily this means that 220 vehicles per day were travelling at speeds over 45mph in the 30mph zone.


The decision was taken to make this site a Mobile Camera site. The site is situated in a residential area with an industrial estate and residential nursing home. The road is a busy route between Ebbw Vale and Newport.


A speed survey taken in 2019 showed that average speeds had remained at 31mph, but, more importantly, the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit had fallen from 51% to 9.8% and the number of vehicles travelling at 45mph or more had fallen from 220 per day to 44 per day.


Enforcement will continue at the site to ensure that the improvements are maintained.