October 2019
The Legacy Project - Launch

On the 26th September, in the majestic surroundings of the National Library of Wales GoSafe launched our brand new initiative - The Legacy Project.


The Legacy Project gives a voice to people who have been affected by incidents on the roads of Wales. Inspired by the voices of people who are living with their loss and grief or who have been through serious trauma: the project aims to use their experiences and stories to influence and change people's behaviours and attitudes on our roads.


When we read in the paper or hear in the news about a tragic incident on our roads we react with horror and sympathy for a few moment before continuing with our day. To those who have lost loved ones or are facing life changing circumstances, the incident itself is only the beginning. The Legacy Project hopes to raise awareness of the longer lasting effects of road incidents on families, friends and communities; and how incidents such as those featured in the project could have been avoided if attitudes and behaviours had been different.


Five families from across Wales shared their stories with GoSafe as part of the 2019 Legacy Project, including:


  • Jason's Story - In July 2017, when training for an Ironman event, Jason was knocked off his bike by a car and suffered serious injuries requiring several surgical procedures.


  • Lona's Story - Killed in May 2012. Lona Jones was a passenger in a car that was travelling at excessive speed when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The car rolled over repeatedly, eventually coming to a stop on its roof.


  • Kelly's Story - Killed in July 2016 in a collision with a car driving at high speed in her lane on the road.


  • Miriam's Story - Killed in a collision when a driver under the influence of alcohol drove into her car in her lane on the road.


  • Mandy's Story - Hit head on by a car as she cycled home from work. Mandy suffered serious injuries to her spine, thigh and wrist and underwent a 12 hour procedure.


During the launch event a series of short films were played and representatives from the families spoke about their loss and grief. In the presence of Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of Dyfed and other dignitaries, the families inspired all present with their dignity, strength and passion in working together to raise awareness of road safety.


Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership Manager said:


"Everyone has the right to use the roads safely and we should all share the roads and show respect to one another. We can all contribute to the safety of our roads if we only think for longer about our decisions. That split second of looking at your mobile phone or not taking that second glance at a junction can result in terrible and serious consequences for all parties involved.


We are stronger as a collective voice, and we will work tirelessly towards a legacy of safer roads and a reduction in casualties and fatalities on our roads together."


As part of the launch event GoSafe hosted a charity auction in aid of the Wales Air Ambulance, whose dedication, professionalism and swift response played a major role in saving the lives of both Jason and Mandy as well as countless other lives. Wales Air Ambulance is run solely on donations and receives no state aid. A total of £1,145 was raised during the evening, going towards supporting the important work the Wales Air Ambulance do in saving lives.


The stories featured in the 2019 Legacy Project will be key to our awareness raising activities and will always be in our minds and hearts when we continue with the work of keeping Welsh roads safe; and we hope to build upon the Legacy Project over the coming years, giving a platform to more families and communities to share their stories.