October 2019
Spotlight On Sites - A4212 - Trawsfynydd

Established in 2003, this is one of our Mobile Camera Sites on a Core Route and the road has a speed limit of 60mph.


A speed survey conducted during the assessment period showed an average speed of 58mph with 15% of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 68mph. 


55% of all vehicles were exceeding the speed limit with 4% travelling at speeds in excess of 75mph.


There have been numerous fatalities on this stretch of road, with two fatalities in November 2007 alone. Several other collisions resulted in serious injuries. Due to the high speeds on the road there have been few minor injury collisions as the high speeds have meant that collisions have resulted in serious injuries or fatalities.


The road is predominantly single carriageway with few overtaking opportunities due to bends and inclines and it passes through a rural area with few buildings. 


Since the site was established, average speeds have reduced to 55mph with 15% of vehilces travelling in excess of 62.9mph. The percentage of drivers exceeding the speed limit has nearly halved to 23.7% whilst only 2% travel at speeds in excess of 75mph.


This continues to be a dangerous road with a high risk of death or serious injury due to speeding vehicles and will continue to be enforced for the foreseeable future.