December 14th, 2020
Is It Really That Important?

Did you know that if you look down at your mobile phone for 4 .6 seconds whilst driving at a speed of 30mph that you will travel around 63m, or the length of almost 6 double decker buses!


In those 4.6 seconds, what potential hazard could you fail to see in time? A child running into the road maybe? A vehicle braking suddenly in-front of you? A cyclist indicating to turn at the next junction? Anything could happen whilst you are distracted.


As well as recording speeding offences, our mobile cameras also have the capability to record mobile phone offences. We also receive a number of dashcam footage submissions via Operation Snap of motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving.


Being aware of your surroundings is an essential part of road safety and any distraction which pulls your focus from the road increases the risk of a collision. Always expect the unexpected. Put your mobile phone out of reach or switch it off at the start of your journey.


With Christmas fast approaching, we know there are much better things to be spending your money on than a fine.


Before answering a call or looking down at a text message; think, is it really that important?

Monday, 14 December 2020