August 11th, 2020
A Good Result

One of the myths we often hear about the work we do as GoSafe is that we set our Casualty Reduction Officers a target of how many vehicles they record travelling over the legal speed limit; and that we select enforcement sites where we can catch the most offences and therefore make the most money.


How and when cameras are deployed depends on the history and road safety problem at each location. Cameras may operate in areas with a casualty history and / or proven level of speeding. None of our sites are selected based on traffic volume or income generation; and contrary to popular belief all revenue derived from speeding fines is passed to the Treasure and not directly back to GoSafe or the Police.


When our Casualty Reduction Officers are out enforcing, they are looking for speeding motorists, motorists who use their mobile phones and motorists who choose not to wear their seatbelt; all offences which put the motorists and those around us at risk.


Cameras are there to encourage motorists to drive within the speed limit so the most successful cameras are those which record the LEAST number of offences not the most.


When our CROs return from an enforcement site having recorded zero offences of any kind that is a good result and proves that our presence at that site has encouraged compliance and contributed to making the road safer for everyone.


Over the last few weeks we have recorded zero offences at several of our enforcement sites, including at:


  • A487 Talybont , a 30mph road
  • The A478 Templeton, a 30mph road
  • A547 Abergele Road, Old Colwyn, Conwy, a 30mph road
  • A525 Llandegla, Denbighshire, a 40mph road
  • North Road, Newbridge, a 30mph road
  • Thornhill Road, Cardiff, a 30mph road


Sadly, a minority of motorists insist on driving over the speed limit, on using their mobile phones whilst behind the wheel and choose not to wear a seatbelt. These motorists put all road users at risk of collision, injury. GoSafe will continue to enforce at our sites across Wales to encourage compliance and reduce casualties on our roads. We will always be visible at the right place, at the right time for the right reason!


So every time you see a safety camera remember that it's there to help make sure that you and other road users have a safe journey, not to catch motorists out or make money.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020