August 20th, 2020
The Old Normal Still Applies

After months of lockdown, of staying local, of not seeing family and friends, the Welsh Government have eased lockdown measures and travel restrictions to allow greater freedoms. Since the easing of measures and travel restrictions, we have seen traffic volumes increase across our road networks from the initial reduction of over 70% at the start of lockdown.


Unfortunately, across all of lockdown, we saw an increase in the level of speed those breaking the speed limits were recorded travelling at. Speed is one of the main causes of collisions, and GoSafe have been out enforcing the speed limits in key locations throughout.


Excessively high speeds have been recorded on roads across Wales, with some motorists travelling at double the speed limit or more, putting themselves and other road users at risk of a serious collision. Just last week one of our Casualty Reduction Officers enforcing at a mobile enforcement site in Brecon recorded a motorist travelling at a speed of 128mph on a 70mph road!


The world we now live in has changed dramatically from the world we knew three months ago. Social distancing, queuing for the shop and wearing a face covering when in public places has become the new normal. But, the speed limits and the road traffic laws have remained the same throughout.


The 40mph speed limit sign you saw in March is the same sign you will see in August, with the same penalties for breaking them.


The requirement to wear a seatbelt remains in place. This 3 second task at the start of every journey can save your life.


The ban on using a mobile phone when behind the wheel of a vehicle remains in place. No call or text is more important than your, your passengers or other road users’ lives.


Cyclists and pedestrians are much more common sights on our roads and pavements since lockdown began. Be aware of these vulnerable road users, give them the space they need when you overtake, and be cautious around pedestrian crossings.


People can now further extend their household bubbles, meaning more long awaited reunions with friends and family members. People who have been shielding can start to ease their way back into a normal way of life and with the tourism and hospitality industry reopening, we will see further increases in traffic volume.


We have all played our part during this pandemic, but we must also play our part on the roads. The risk to all road users has never gone away, but we can all contribute to reducing that risk, making our roads safer for everyone to use and enjoy.


Thursday, 20 August 2020