August 28th, 2020
Spotlight on Sites - Overton Road, Wrexham

We receive a number of community concern reports from members of the public about speeding on the roads of their communities. We evaluate every report we receive and look at a number of factors to establish if the location in question reaches the criteria required for enforcement.


Overton Road, Bangor on Dee, Wrexham is one such location. We conducted a speed survey here in September 2016, after concerns had been raised about speeding by the local community. The survey showed an average speed of 33.3mph with 15% of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 39.6mph. 69.8% of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit and 4.7% were travelling at speeds in excess of 45 mph.


Whilst there had been no serious collisions at the site it was considered that the speeds recorded, coupled with the potential hazards at the site, justified enforcement in order to reduce the chances of a serious collision occurring.


The site is located just outside Bangor on Dee on the B5069 leading to Overton and is a 30mph limit.


This is a relatively busy B-road with an average traffic volume of nearly 1,300 vehicles per day. This is a rural road with many blind bends and narrow carriageways. There are driveways accessing the road from private houses, a residential estate and farmland. Visibility is restricted when entering and leaving these access points and the road is used by slow-moving agricultural vehicles. The road also used to access the Bangor on Dee racetrack which is very busy on race days and accessed by vehicles transporting horses.


A further speed survey conducted in December 2018 showed that average speeds had fallen to 28.44mph. 15% were travelling at speeds of 33.3mph whilst the percentage of vehicles exceeding the limit had fallen to 36.2% and only 0.2% of vehicles were travelling at speeds over 45mph.


Whilst considerable progress has been made at the site concerning speeds, and there have not been any serious collisions, the site will continue to be enforced for the time being.


We enforce in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason to make Welsh roads safer for everyone.

Friday, 28 August 2020