August 5th, 2020
Spotlight On Sites - B4596, Caerleon Road

The B4596, Caerleon Road, East of Beuafort Road is a 30mph speed limit and is one of our mobile enforcement sites.


It was established in 2002, after a speed survey conducted at the time showed an average speed of 36.7mph with 83.7% of vehicles travelling at speeds above the speed limit with 15% of vehicles travelling at speeds over 41.6mph and 7.8% were travelling at speeds over 45mph.


Collisions had resulted in 3 people receiving serious injuries and 9 people receiving minor injuries.


The B4596 is a busy road linking Caerleon and Newport and also allows access to the M4 from Caerleon. It is a semi-rural road with a number of houses having driveway access to the road, with a number of bus stops along the route. The road has a number of blind bends and other hazards with limited, safe overtaking opportunities that makes it unsuitable for overtaking.


The most recent speed survey conducted in January 2020 shows that average speeds have fallen to 32.7mph but 69.6% of vehicles are still travelling at speeds in excess of the speed limit. 15% of vehicles are travelling at speeds over 37.3mph and 2.1% at speeds over 45mph.


There has only been one serious injury since the site was established and a few minor injury collisions. The site has achieved its purpose of reducing casualties and average speeds but further enforcement is required to reduce these further.


GoSafe will always enforce in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason to achieve our aim of making Welsh roads safer and reducing casualties and fatalities.

Wednesday, 05 August 2020