December 1st, 2020
Fine or Mine

2020 has been a year none of us will forget. A year where the whole world came to a sudden stop as lockdown, travel restrictions and Covid-19 filled every headline and influenced every day decisions.


During the early days of the lockdown we saw a reduction of over 70% in the volume of traffic on the road networks of Wales. Unfortunately, we saw an increase in the level of speed those breaking the speed limits were recorded travelling at. At a time where it was vital not to overwhelm the NHS, motorists across Wales were putting themselves and others at risk of serious harm by speeding.


Speeding is one of the main contributing factors to collisions on our roads, which can lead to both minor and serious injuries and in the worst cases, death.  Speeding does not have to be the cause of the collision to have an effect – the faster you’re travelling if you have a collision, the more serious the collision is likely to be.


Our aim is to make Welsh roads safer and to reduce the amount of casualties and fatalities; but we can’t do this alone. Speeding is a choice. We can all make the right choice and drive to the legal speed limits and play our part in making the roads safer for everyone.


Our fixed and mobile cameras are there to encourage compliance with the speed limits, not to catch motorists out or to make money.


If you drive to the legal speed limit you not only contribute to the safety of the roads, but you guarantee that you won’t get a speeding fine. Some believe that we set our Casualty Reduction Officers a target when they go out enforcing. This is a myth. When a Casualty Reduction Officer returns from an enforcement site having recorded zero speeding offences, we count this as a positive result. It means that our presence at that particular site has achieved its aim of encouraging motorists to comply with the speed limit to keep all road users safe.


With Christmas fast approaching, we know that people will be spending money on presents, food and decorations. What would you rather spend £100 on? Presents for your family? Or a speeding fine?


We don’t want your money, we want to make Welsh roads safer for everyone. So, when you see one of our enforcement vans at a site in your community, know that we are at the right place, at the right time, for the right reason… Not to make money, but to keep every road user safe.


So, when you drive along the roads and are tempted to speed, just think… Fine or mine?










Tuesday, 01 December 2020