July 17th, 2020
Welsh Government Decides To Progress with National Default 20mph Speed Limit

Following a year-long study by a taskforce made up of police, local authorities, public health experts and road safety groups, amongst others, the Senedd have agreed to progress with implementing legislation to form a Wales wide default 20mph speed limit in residential areas.


In future, instead of the default speed limit being 30mph, with authorities needing to make the case to go lower, the default speed limit will become 20mph, with a case needing to be made to go higher.


GoSafe are pleased to have been involved in the discussions around the introduction of a default 20mph speed limits on urban roads in Wales from the very beginning. Our strategic aim is to reduce casualties on the roads of Wales and we support all efforts and campaigns which are proved to aid the reduction of casualties and fatalities on our roads. Following the debate at The Senedd on Wednesday 15th July, GoSafe look forward to continue working collaboratively with the Welsh Government and all other partners and colleagues as we develop a strategic plan for the implementation of the default 20mph speed limits in Wales.


You can read the full report here.


Friday, 17 July 2020