July 21st, 2020
Behind The Lens

One of the biggest attraction for people who have visited GoSafe’s stand at the Royal Welsh Show in past years, has been the opportunity to see inside one of our enforcement vans and speak to our Casualty Reduction Officers (CROs). Every year people get to see how our CROs operate the mobile cameras within the vans, to ask questions and to see the cameras and what the camera sees and records.


There is a common misconception that the cameras are constantly recording vehicles drive past and the officer inside the van simply sits back and relaxes. This is a total myth. Our officers must use their judgement on every oncoming vehicle. When they suspect a vehicle is speeding they activate the camera equipment and aim it at the vehicle’s registration plate. If the vehicle is exceeding the legal speed limit it will automatically be logged onto a memory card.


Some people think our cameras only record speeding offences, another misconception. Speeding may be the most commonly-spotted offence, but our cameras can also record offences where motorists use their mobile phones when driving or don’t wear a seatbelt. To record these offences our officers must manoeuvre the camera upwards to the windscreen and the high quality of our equipment enables us to clearly capture the motorist and what they are doing when behind the wheel of a vehicle.


Perhaps the most common question our CROs were asked last year was whether they had targets to reach for the amount of offences they record each day. People believe we enforce in locations which result in making the most money. But, our most successful sites are those which record the LEAST offences; so when a CRO returns with zero offences from an enforcement site it’s a good result and proves that our presence is making the roads safer for everyone.


Some may think the job is boring or tedious, but our officers sometimes catch some strange and dangerous behaviours. One CRO recalled catching a woman applying her lipstick whilst driving, focusing her entire attention on her rear view mirror rather than the road ahead.


Our CROs are passionate about road safety, and when they return from enforcing with zero offences recorded they return happy and positive that our presence is making roads and communities safer for everyone.  




Tuesday, 21 July 2020