July 29th, 2020
Spotlight On Sites - A525, Whitchurch Road, Wrexham

In 2016, we established a mobile camera site on the A525, Whitchurch Road in Wrexham where the legal speed limit is 40mph. A speed survey conducted during the assessment period showed an average speed of 42.9mph with 15% of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 49.2mph.


66% of all vehicles were exceeding the speed limit with 3.8% travelling at speeds over 55mph.


There had been one serious collision at the site and one where minor injuries had been sustained.


The A525 leads into Wrexham from the border with England and passes through a rural area with many associated hazards such as slow moving agricultural vehicles and vehicles entering and leaving farms and domestic premises.


Since the site was established average speeds have fallen slightly to 41.3mph with 15% of vehicles travelling at speeds over 48.6mph. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit have reduced to 56.3% but, disappointingly, the number of vehicles travelling at speeds over 55mph has slightly increased to 4.0%.


Fortunately no further serious collisions have occurred at the site and enforcement will continue until the speeds recorded are within acceptable limits.


Our enforcement sites are all selected based on the risk to the safety of all road users and our aim, by being visible in these locations is to increase compliance with the speed limit and reduce the amount of vehicles traveling over the speed limit and by doing so making the roads safer for everyone. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2020