June 22nd, 2020
Short or Familiar... Belt up!

One of the first things most motorists do once they’re inside their vehicle is to put their seat belt on. Something we’ve all done so many times, it’s become second nature and we hardly think about it. But that small, simple task at the start of every journey can make a big difference.


Car manufacturers have had to install seatbelts since 1965 but the law requiring drivers and front seat passengers to wear them did not come in to force until the 31st January, 1983. The law changed again in 1989, making it a legal requirement for children travelling in the back of cars to wear seat belts; before a further change to the law in 1991 making it a legal requirement for adults to wear seatbelts in the back of cars.


According to the Department of Transport (DfT), shortly after the law came into force in 1983, 90% of car drivers and front seat passengers were observed to be wearing seat belts. A high level of compliance, which we continue to see, over 30 years later in 2020.


According to RoSPA , since it became mandatory to wear a belt in the front seats, seat belts are estimated to have saved tens of thousands of lives in the UK.


Over the past few months, we have been travelling less as we stay home to save lives and protect the NHS. With restrictions slowly being lifted in Wales, we will soon be able to travel further afield as we return to a world where a new normal is prevalent. But for now, we must continue to stay local if we must travel.


By travelling local, we will be driving along roads and routes we know well and have done a thousand times; the temptation may be there to risk travelling without wearing a seatbelt. No matter how short or familiar the journey, always wear a seatbelt, it could save your life!


The NPCC (National Police Chief Council) Seatbelt Campaign will be taking place across the UK over the coming weeks. Drivers caught not wearing a seatbelt face an on-the-spot fine of £100 and if prosecuted could face a maximum fine of £500.


So, before you turn the engine of your car on, make sure you and your passengers wear your seatbelts. The smallest thing can have the biggest impact and really could mean the difference between life and death. Belt up and keep safe on the roads of Wales.

Monday, 22 June 2020