June 9th, 2020
Too Close For Comfort

This week is Cycling UK’s Bike Week UK and 7 Days of Cycling.


Cycling has always been a popular method of travel and exercise, but during the lock-down we have seen an increase in the amount of people cycling on roads and cycle paths across the country.


But every year over 3,000 cyclists are killed or seriously injured in the UK.


According to Cycling Uk “we know that 62% of people in the UK consider cycling on the roads ‘too dangerous’.” One of the biggest threats to a cyclist’s safety whilst on the road is close passing. Not only are close passes really intimidating, but also dangerous with motorists passing too close to the cyclist a contributory factor in a staggering 25% of serious collisions between cyclists and large vehicles (Cycling UK). 


Cyclists, along with motorcyclists, horse riders and pedestrians are classed as vulnerable road users; and along with motorists have the right to use the roads confidently and safely.


GoSafe and our partners run an operation called: Operation Close Pass several times throughout the year. During these Operations we work with colleagues in the Police and Fire & Rescue Service to deliver at the road side education to motorists who pass too closely to cyclists. Through this Operation we aim to inform, educate and change the behaviour of those close passing and increase the safety of cyclists on our roads.  


If we want safer roads for cyclists as well as more people cycling, putting an end to close passing is absolutely key, and Cycling UK’s "Too Close For Comfort" campaign does just that.


GoSafe are pleased to support Cycling UK’s campaign and would encourage all motorists to think about their behaviour on the road when overtaking a cyclist. Leave at least 1.5m between your vehicle and the cyclists as you overtake, give them the safe space they need.


For more information and advice on cyclist safety, RoSPA have a wealth of advice and information on their website.


Tuesday, 09 June 2020