November 17th, 2020
Updating Submitters of Outcome of Snap Submissions

Since 2017, Operation Snap has received almost 8,000 submissions from members of the public.  These submissions have played a key part identifying road safety issues and allowed us to prosecute offenders on roads across Wales.


Every submission we receive from members of the public is thoroughly reviewed and investigated by our dedicated and experienced officers, and we’ve successfully prosecuted dangerous and careless drivers who have put themselves and others at risk on our roads; all thanks to the evidence submitted via Operation Snap by members of the public.


The most common feedback we get about Operation Snap is that most submitters would like to be informed about the outcome of submissions; something we know is important to them as a witness as well as to have faith and trust in Operation Snap itself.


Our stance has always been guided by advice from our legal and data protection departments around data protection and not by a lack of understanding or desire to update you on the outcomes of your submissions.


Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership Manager said:


“In response to the growing requests from the public to be updated about their submissions, we have undertaken a review of the advice not to update submitters with a view to be able to share what we can, whilst still complying with the Data Protection Act. As a result, we will be implementing changes to our processes which will enable us to update submitters on the outcome within 14 days of submission.”


These change will be implement with immediate effect.


GoSafe’s strategic aim is to make Welsh roads safer and to reduce casualties and fatalities on our roads. By identifying careless or dangerous drivers from footage submitted to us by members of the public we can effectively deal with these offences and try and change the behaviours and attitudes of these road users before a serious collision occurs.  You can see examples of some of the offences we have dealt with at


Every submitter is playing their part in contributing to our work of keeping Welsh roads safe.


Thank you for your continued support for Operation Snap.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020