October 26th, 2020

Since November 2017, members of the public have been able to submit dashcam footage and images captured on mobile phones of careless and dangerous driving they’ve witnessed to the Police, via Operation Snap - a streamlined process established in response to an increase in demand from members of the public to be able to present dashcam footage of motoring and road traffic offences they had witnessed on the roads of Wales.


Over the last three years we have had nearly 8,000 submissions from all over Wales, capturing motorists driving through red lights, using their mobile phones, overtaking across solid white lines amongst other offences and careless behaviour.


When a member of the public submits a piece of footage or an image via our Operation Snap form, the footage along with the submitters statement is received by our Decision Makers. Every single submission is thoroughly investigated and if an offence has been captured, then appropriate action will be taken to identify the offender and deal with the offence in question.


The majority of offences we see are dealt with via warning letters or fixed penalty notices. However, there are some which require more serious action and these are the cases which are passed on to the courts.


Today, we launch a brand new web page on the GoSafe website. Snapped! This web page will host examples of some of the worst offending clips we have received, detailing what offence or offences have occurred and what the consequences were for the offender.


Amongst the first three clips we have:


  • a dangerous driver who overtaking a vehicle across a solid white line
  • a careless driver driving the wrong way around a roundabout
  • a driver blatantly driving through a red light


Daschams have become more popular than ever, and we hope that by sharing these clips more people will think again before taking a careless and dangerous risk on the road.


If you would like to learn more about Operation Snap, read our FAQ Page.

Or, if you have recorded footage or images of an offence and you would like to report it to us, you can do so by completing the Operation Snap form, which can be found here.

Monday, 26 October 2020