September 14th, 2020
EDWARD Week Begins

Today sees the start of EDWARD week; a week where all across Wales GoSafe and our partners in all four forces will be running various road safety campaigns and activities in a bid to raise awareness of EDWARD: Every Day Without A Road Death!


GoSafe’s strategic aim is to make people safer on Welsh roads by reducing casualties and saving lives. Along with our partners and colleagues, we are working passionately towards achieving vision zero: a Wales where we see zero deaths on our roads. It won’t be an easy journey to achieve this vision, but if we all play our part we can make this vision a reality!


This week, through our activities, we hope people will think carefully about their behaviour and attitudes when on the roads of Wales.


We want people to think if that phone call or text message is really that important?


We want people to think if driving over the speed limit is really worth the risk of a collision?


We want people to think about taking that extra second to look again at a junction, in case a motorcycle or another vehicle is approaching.


We want people to think if being impatient with a cyclist or a horse rider and overtaking too close or fast is really worth risking the safety of those vulnerable road users?


We want people to think how their actions could change a person’s life, a family’s life for ever.


Road safety is there for the safety of everyone and we all have a part to play. Today, we launch our EDWARD Video. Take a look at the video, contributed to by road safety partners from all over Wales. We all work towards achieving the same outcome, but we can’t do it without every road users also doing their bit. Even the smallest of things can have a big impact on your safety and the safety of other road users.


Be aware that in all four forces in Wales this week that we will be out enforcing the speed limits and road traffic laws, the same as we do every week of the year. Look out for targeted operations and campaigns.


When travelling by car, motorcycle, bicycle, horse or by foot this week think about your behaviours, think about how your actions have consequences and think about how you can change your attitudes on road safety to help us achieve vision zero and make every day in Wales, a day without a road death.

Monday, 14 September 2020