April 13th, 2021
Spotlight on Sites - B5105, Llanfwrog

The B5105, Llanfwrog in Denbighshire is a 30mph road. A community concern site was established here in April 2012 following reports from residents about excessive speeds in the area.


After three years of enforcement the average speeds had reduced to 29.8mph and incidents of excessive speed had reduced to 0.3% of all vehicles. It was decided that enforcement was no longer required at the site as recorded speeds were within acceptable levels.


However, after new concerns were raised in the area a speed survey was conducted in March 2021.


It was found that 94.8% of vehicles were exceeding the stated limit of 30mph with an average speed of 40.2mph. Over a quarter of all vehicles were travelling at speeds in excess of 45mph.


There had also been a collision at the site during this period where one person had sustained serious, life-changing injuries.


Due to these factors it was decided to resume enforcement at this site to bring the speeds back to an acceptable level and allay the concerns of residents.


The B5105 is used by vehicles travelling east to the Snowdonia national park; and it passes through the village of Llanfwrog. The village comprises of residential and commercial areas, there is a pub and a residential home located within the site boundary with intermittent footpaths for pedestrians.


Enforcement will continue at this site until recorded speeds return to acceptable levels.


GoSafe always enforce in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason – to make Welsh roads safer for all road users.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021