February 8th, 2021
Spotlight On Sites - A4069, Broad Street, Llandovery

Established in 2003, our mobile camera site on the A4069, Broad Street, Llandovery encourages compliance with the 30mph speed limit.


An initial speed survey showed an average speed of 32.9mph with 61% of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of the speed limit. 15% of vehicles were travelling at speeds over 38mph and 2.3% of vehicles were travelling at 45mph or more.


Collisions at the site had resulted in two people sustaining serious injuries and 2 people sustaining minor injuries.


Broad Street is the access into the market town of Llandovery from Llangadog and sees an average of 2,300 vehicles per day. The area is predominantly residential but also gives access to the local industrial estate and a caravan/camping site. The road is used by HGVs, agricultural vehicles and vehicles towing caravans.


The most recent speed survey shows that average speeds have fallen to 30.4mph but 50% of drivers are still travelling at speeds in excess of the limit. 15% are travelling at speeds over 35mph and 1% at speeds of 45mph or more.


There have been two further serious injury collisions and three minor injury collisions since the site was established but nothing since 2006 which suggests that enforcement has been effective in reducing speeds and collisions. Enforcement will continue at the site in order to reduce the incidences of excessive speeds.


GoSafe will always enforce in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason.

Monday, 08 February 2021