January 11th, 2021
Spotlight On Sites - B4290, Jersey Marine

In August 2001,  following concerns raised by residents in village of Jersey Marine, Neath Port Talbot regarding speeding through the village and a spate of serious and minor collisions, GoSafe established an enforcement site on the B4290, New Road.


Prior to the establishment of the site there had been incidents where 4 people had sustained serious, life-changing injuries and 7 people had sustained minor injuries, including 1 child.


Speed surveys showed that approximately 72% of drivers were exceeding the legal speed limit of 30mph with 15% of all vehicles travelling at speeds over 40mph and 3% at speeds of 45mph or more. The average speed along the road was 34.4mph.


The B4290 passes through the village of Jersey Marine which is a quiet residential area with a primary school, hotel, nature reserve and golf course.


Since the site was established there has only been one other serious collision but minor collision casualties have risen to 16. It is possible that some of the minor injury collisions may have had more serious consequences if average speeds had remained at the levels seen before enforcement commenced.


The most recent speed survey shows that average speeds have fallen to 31.4mph with 56.8% of vehicles exceeding the legal speed limit. Only 15% of drivers are travelling at speeds over 36mph and 1.9% at speeds in excess of 45mph.


Whilst there have been significant reductions in recorded speeds and casualties there is still a need to enforce in order to get more drivers to comply with the posted speed limits.


GoSafe will always enforce in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason and our aim remains the same – to make Welsh roads safer and to reduce injuries and fatalities on our roads.


Monday, 11 January 2021