January 1st, 2021
New Year, Safer You

Happy New Year! 2020 is now behind us and we can look forward to 2021 and a year full of hope and promise.


The New Year is also an opportunity for us all to reflect on our actions and make changes to our way of life, our behaviours and our attitudes for a better year ahead.


This year, GoSafe are renewing our vow of continuing to work tirelessly to encourage compliance with the speed limits and to reduce speeds, collisions and injuries on the roads of Wales.


Our work didn’t stop during the lockdowns of 2020 and we will continue enforcing in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason throughout 2021.


January is a time for change; a change for the better and a chance to make the safe choice for the safety of all road users.


By making small changes to our behaviours and attitudes whilst on the roads, we can all make a big difference to the safety of ourselves and others around us.


Our most successful sites are those which record zero offences, this result proves our presence at these locations encourage compliance and makes roads safer for everyone. Throughout 2021 we hope to be able to report more sites recording zero offences.


So, as we venture into a brave new world, remember that we can all make a difference to the safety of our roads, and if we all make the safe choices the risk of collisions, injuries and fatalities will be reduced.


So, at the start of January and the start of a new year full of opportunities, adventures and memories, think what you could do to play your part as we continue to dedicate our efforts towards achieving vision zero on the roads of Wales.


From all of us at GoSafe, we wish you a very Happy and safe New Year!


Friday, 01 January 2021