July 29th, 2021
Spotlight on Sites - A470, Erwood South

In April 2002 a speed survey was conducted on the A470, Erwood South after reports of high speeds on the approach to the village of Erwood.


The speed limit on this road 60mph.


The speed survey conducted in April 2002 showed that 30% of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit. The average speed was 57mph with 3.2% vehicles travelling in excess of 75mph.


In the previous three years there had been 2 collisions where 2 people had received serious injuries and 4 further collisions where 6 people in total had received minor injuries.


The A470 is a trunk road that runs from Cardiff through mid-Wales to Colwyn Bay and is a major route between North and South Wales. The section near Erwood is in a rural location with several blind bends and hazards related to slow moving agricultural vehicles.


A speed survey conducted in 2017 showed that average speeds had fallen to 53mph with 15.8% of vehicles exceeding the speed limit and 1% of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 75mph.


Since 2017 only 1 minor injury collision has been recorded at this site.


Enforcement will continue at the site until numbers exceeding the speed limit have fallen further.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021