June 1st, 2021
Play Your Part and Let’s Take Care of Pedestrians

Walking is an excellent way to get about and provides a wide range of health and environmental benefits. Throughout the lockdowns we saw an increase in the amount of people walking as they took their daily exercise.


Unfortunately, walking also carries a certain amount of risk, and with pedestrians classed as vulnerable road users, there is something we can all do to take care of pedestrians be they walking to school, to the shops or for leisure.


Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership Manager said:


“Pedestrians are vulnerable road users and we ask that all motorists, to be aware of pedestrians and to always expect the unexpected.


A child may run out chasing a ball, an elderly pedestrian may take longer than you think to safely cross the road, anything could happen and even the slightest of distractions could lead to a serious collision.”


We all remember the pedestrian safety tagline of “Look, look, and look again”.

Remember this useful reminder, and teach it to your children at every road crossing.


In 2019 there were 3,847 pedestrian casualties on the roads of Wales, corresponding to 12% of all casualties on our roads. 81% of collisions involving a pedestrian occur when the pedestrian was crossing the carriageway.


Let’s take care of pedestrians by slowing down, by being aware of our surroundings, by being patient; and through playing our part we can reduce the number of pedestrian casualties on the roads of Wales.

Tuesday, 01 June 2021