June 2nd, 2021
Play Your Part and Let’s Take Care of Cyclists

Throughout the lockdowns we saw an increase in the amount of people cycling as they took their daily exercise or went on essential journeys. Cycling is a cheap, environmentally-friendly way to get about – and it keeps you fit.


Cyclists are vulnerable road users, and have the same right as all other road users to travel safely and confidently on the roads of Wales.


Sadly, every year over 3,000 cyclists are killed or seriously injured in the UK. Taking sensible precautions such as planning routes to avoid busy roads and junctions will help to reduce the risks and make your journey more enjoyable. (RoSPA)


Cyclists themselves have a part to play. Gwenda Owen, Cycling UK said:


“Never hug the kerb!  We can best ensure that we’re seen by others on the road by riding where we can easily be seen. Sometimes this means ‘taking the lane’ and riding in primary position and others we can be in secondary – a good meter away from the kerb. Ensuring that as we ride our bikes we register in a driver’s field of vision can help prevent those ‘sorry mate I didn’t see you’ incidents”


Motorists, have their own part to play in keeping cyclists safe on the roads, with one of the biggest risk to cyclist safety being close passes.


We ask that motorists leave a safe distance of at least 1.5m between their vehicle and a cyclist as they overtake. Give cyclists the space they need to be safe on the roads and be patient if the road conditions do not allow you to overtake safely.


We all have a part to play and depend on each other to respect every road user’s right to a safe and confident journey. Play your part and let’s take care of cyclists as we work together to achieve safer journeys for everyone.

Wednesday, 02 June 2021