June 4th, 2021
Play Your Part and Stand Up For Slowing Down

Speeding is one of the biggest contributing factors to collisions on the roads of Wales, which can lead to injuries and fatalities.


Even driving at 1mph over the limit increases the risk of collision and injury, but we are seeing speeds of sometimes double the speed limit which massively increases the risk. We enforce at the right place, at the right time, for the right reason – which is to protect all road users, to encourage compliance with the speed limit and to reduce collisions and casualties on our road network.


Our deployment of Casualty Reduction Officers across the four Welsh forces is based on community concerns, specific intelligence of an individual or group of motorists causing anti-social behaviour on our roads as well as continuing to serve the locations with collision histories.


We all have the right to use the roads safely and confidently, whether we are motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, horse riders or pedestrians. But we all have a responsibility to keep our roads safe and ensure our own and other road users safety at all times.


Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership Manager said:


“By driving within the speed limits and to the conditions of the road, by leaving a safe distance between your vehicle and a cyclist or horse rider as you overtake, by being aware of your surroundings as you walk, by not being distracted by your mobile phone whilst driving and by wearing a seatbelt no matter how short or familiar the journey, we can make a big difference to road safety.


The choices we make on our journeys have consequences. Speeding is a choice and we ask that every road user makes the safe choice and not risk their own safety or the safety of others by taking a chance. Take that extra second to think about the choice you make on the roads; a choice that can and will make a difference.”

Friday, 04 June 2021