March 23rd, 2021
What Are Those Green Cameras?

If you travel along any of these roads:


  • M4 Port Talbot
  • A470 Upper Boat to Abercynon
  • A483 Wrexham
  • A494 Deeside


You may have noticed green cameras sitting atop bright yellow posts. You may assume that these cameras are yet another type of speed camera. You would be correct in assuming that, but do you know why these camera systems are in place along these roads and why these cameras are green and not yellow?


The green cameras are there for environmental reasons. Along these roads the legal speed limit is 50mph, as scientific research shows that vehicles travelling at 50mph produce up to 20% less Nitrogen Dioxide pollution from their exhausts than vehicles travelling at 70mph. This means by adhering to the legal speed limit your vehicle will produce less pollution resulting in better air quality.


The Welsh Government identified the four roads noted above as some of the worst polluted roads in Wales and decided to install the 50mph speed system along them to increase compliance and reduce the air pollution.


Air pollution can disproportionately affect vulnerable population groups e.g. children, older people, those with underlying disease, and those exposed to higher concentrations because of living or commuting in urban or deprived locations. In Wales each year, the equivalent of around 1,604 deaths are attributed to PM2.5 exposure and 1,108 deaths to NO2 exposure and the societal cost of air pollution from health service costs and lost work-days is estimated to be £1 billion each year.


Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Environment, Energy & Rural Affairs said:


“It is vital urgent reductions in nitrogen dioxide emissions are achieved to meet legislative requirements and to support our ambitions for a healthier and more globally responsible Wales. The actions taken on our road network to support driver compliance are an essential component in ensuring that required emissions reductions are achieved.”


So, next time you notice a green camera, remember that by adhering to the legal speed limit, not only will you be playing your part in keeping our roads safe, but also doing your bit to help our environment and reduce air pollution, making Wales a safer, greener and healthier country to live, work and visit. 

Tuesday, 23 March 2021