October 1st, 2021
Motorists Standing Up For Slowing Down on the A55

Back in May, a temporary speed limit of 40mph was intruded on the A55, Abergwyngregyn to Tai’r Meibion, along both directions of the carriageway. This reduced speed limit was implemented to protect both motorists and the workforce who will be working close to live traffic.


Since GoSafe started to enforce the reduced speed limit, we have recorded over 7,000 vehicles exceeding the speed limit, putting their own safety and the safety of those around them at risk.


However, despite the combined volume of offences we have recorded at this site, we are pleased to be able to report a week by week reduction in the volume of motorists exceeding the legal speed limit of 40mph.


During the first week of enforcing the reduced speed limit, a total of 797 offences were recorded. Since that first week back in May 2021, we have seen a reduction of 71% in the volume of speeding offences at this site; with the latest full week of data showing a total of 226 offences recorded between the 10th-17th September.


But even with the reduction in the volume of offences, there is still work to do.


Superintendent Jane Banham, North Wales Police said:


“Speed limits are there for a reason and should be obeyed. If you are travelling through the roadworks on the A55 please make sure that you drive responsibly and with full consideration for the safety of everyone. Those who choose to ignore the speed limits can expect to be prosecuted for their actions.”


GoSafe always enforce in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason and our most successful sites are those which record the LEAST amount of offences. The reduction in offences shows an increase in compliance, which is our aim at every enforcement site. 


The temporary 40mph speed limit will continue to be monitored and enforced by the average speed cameras and any offences recorded will be processed by the GoSafe team in North Wales Police.

Friday, 01 October 2021