September 13th, 2021
Project EDWARD Week Commences

Today sees the start of EDWARD week; a week where all across Wales, GoSafe and our partners in all four forces will be running various road safety operations and activities in a bid to raise awareness of our shared goal of making every day a day without a road death!


Our activities in Wales will kick start early this morning with a School Operation outside several Primary Schools in North Wales and Dyfed-Powys aimed at encouraging compliance with the 20mph speed limits. We would urge all motorists to stand up for slowing down, especially as they drive past schools during the school run. Slower speeds make it safer for children and their parents to walk or cycle to and from school.


Sergeant Mel Brace, North Wales Police GoSafe Coordinator said:


“Speed limits are there to reduce the risk of collisions and our presence outside Primary Schools is aimed at encouraging compliance to keep vulnerable road users safe on the school run. Please play your part in keeping our roads safe.”


You may also see some of our Community Speed Watch Volunteers monitoring the speeds of vehicles in communities across Dyfed-Powys.


Enforcement is but one of the tools at our disposal as we work to make Welsh roads safer; and if we can educate road users and change attitudes on the roads then we can reduce the level of offences and increase the safety of all road users.


Through delivering Operation Options at sites in both Gwent and South Wales today, we aim to educate both drivers and passengers on the risks of not wearing a seatbelt and change behaviours and attitudes of those offenders; the choice and option will be in the hands of the offenders.


Sergeant Simon Austin, Gwent Police GoSafe Coordinator said:


“We are committed to tackling the risks to our communities which non-wearing of seatbelts poses to all road users, and would encourage and urge everyone to wear their seatbelts when travelling in a motor vehicle, and ensure it is the first thing you do after getting in.” 


GoSafe’s strategic aim is to make people safer on Welsh roads by reducing casualties and saving lives. Along with our partners and colleagues, we are working passionately towards achieving vision zero: a Wales where we see zero deaths on our roads. It won’t be an easy journey to achieve this vision, but if we all play our part we can make this vision a reality!

Monday, 13 September 2021