September 17th, 2021
Project EDWARD’s Week of Action Draws To An End

Over the last five days our colleagues and partners across Wales have undertaken several road safety operations and engaged with hundreds of people, both young and old, across the four Welsh Police forces, encouraging compliance with the legal speed limits and educating people on the importance of making the safe choices when on the roads and how taking a chance on the road can impact your own safety and the safety of other road users.


We have continued with our daily enforcement at sites across Wales, whilst visiting specific sites where there have been recorded collisions involving pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders and highlighting the importance of leaving a safe distance between your vehicle and a cyclist or horse rider when overtaking.


Alongside our colleagues in the Fire & Rescue Services of Wales we’ve run operations targeting the minority of motorists who do not wear a seatbelt and through Operation Options giving them the chance to opt for an educational input or receive a fine. Doing the little things, like wearing a seatbelt, can make a big difference to the safety of our roads.


Our Casualty Reduction Officers have visited schools and colleges across Wales, delivering presentations and engaging with young and new drivers as well as engaging with our Community Speed Watch volunteers.


As the week of action draws to a close let’s all help to create a road environment that’s free from death and serious injury every day. We can all take positive action by reflecting on the risks we face and the risks we pose to others. Many of these risks can be minimised or removed altogether if we ensure we’re in good shape when we get behind the wheel, we choose safe and compliant speeds and that the vehicle we use is safe and well maintained.


Will you take the Project EDWARD pledge today?


Project EDWARD week may be drawing to a close for another year, but the work of keeping Welsh roads safe doesn’t end today, it continues tomorrow, next week, next month and for the far reaching future as we work together to reach and sustain that goal of seeing every day a day without a road death.

Friday, 17 September 2021