September 9th, 2021
Spotlight On Sites - Plymouth Road, Barry Island

In September 2020 a speed survey was completed along Plymouth Road, Barry Island after concerns were raised by residents about speeding in their community. The survey showed that 60% of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit of 30mph, with the average speed recorded at 31mph and 37% of vehicles traveling at 42mph or higher.


Plymouth Road is situated in an urban residential area, with a mix of business and residential premises. Many cars are parked on this road outside of the residential properties, reducing the width of the road for travelling vehicles to comfortably pass.


This road is frequently used by pedestrians visiting the public recreational areas along this route.

The public recreational areas cater for all age groups, with multi-sporting facilities and a play park adjacent to the road.


Bus stops are also situated next to the play park which can cause visibility issues for pedestrians checking the road when buses arrive to pick up/ drop off passengers.


Due to these risk factors and a high number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit for this road, GoSafe made the decision to enforce at this location to reduce the speeding problem.


This site became operation on the 1st November, 2020 and GoSafe will continue to enforce and encourage compliance with the speed limit at this site until speeds have reduced to a safe level.

Thursday, 09 September 2021