Where We Place Cameras

Safety cameras are used to make roads safer and help to save lives not to make money or catch motorists out.

Cameras are there to encourage motorists to drive within the speed limit so the most successful cameras are those which record the LEAST number of offences not the most.


Every camera within the GoSafe area complies with the Welsh Government (WG) guidance on where cameras can be placed. How and when cameras are deployed depends on the accident history and road safety problem at each location.


Remember that police officers can still use cameras on all roads and they do not have to comply with the same visibility guidelines.


So every time you see a safety camera remember that it's there to help make sure that you and other road users have a safe journey, not to catch motorists out or make money.


The average value of prevention per reported casualty on our roads for 2019 are £2.029m for a fatality and £228k per serious injury.  


GoSafe enforce in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason to encourage compliance with the speed limit and to reduce the risk of collisions, injuries and fatalities on the roads of Wales. 


The data relating to costs can be found here.

Welsh Government Road Safety Framework for Wales

GoSafe Site Criteria 2014


We only use cameras:

Where people have been killed or injured

For full details of the collision criteria for placing cameras please see Welsh Government Guidance.  

Where there is a site of community concern.

We do not believe in waiting for people to be injured before we take action so mobile cameras also operate in areas where communities have complained that speed is endangering lives and a survey confirms that there is a genuine speeding problem.

Operations with a road safety objective

Examples include roadworks & road safety initiatives eg 20mph rule outside schools campaign