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Community Speed Watch Wales

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Community Speedwatch is a traffic monitoring scheme coordinated by Gwent Police, managed and run by Neighbourhood Policing Teams and Community Volunteers.

It's a community led initiative and aims to educate drivers about the dangers of speeding while addressing concerns of local residents about cars speeding through their neighbourhoods.

Community Speedwatch operates on roads with speed limits of 40 mph or below. Community Volunteers work alongside Gwent Police officers or Community Support Officers to identify vehicles exceeding the speed limit. Roadside volunteers are issued with high-visibility jackets, roadside signs and are trained to use the equipment and record the information. If a vehicle is seen exceeding the speed limit the registration number will be taken down and verified by the volunteers. The details are then entered onto a database from which a letter is automatically produced informing the registered owner that their vehicle has been noted to have exceeded the speed limit, the dangers of doing so and the consequences of doing so again.

While no prosecutions or penalties are received as a direct result of Speedwatch. If the same registration number is logged three times, more formal action may be taken

Local officers will select the locations based on community concerns and suggestions. All locations will be risk assessed by a trained officer or staff member.

Community Speedwatch Volunteers must be over 18 years old and there should be a minimum of six people per scheme. Depending on the type of role they wish to undertake within the scheme, they may need to go through a vetting process which can take about three months, plus specialist training.

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