M4 Average Speed Cameras

The average speed enforcement system installed on the M4 at Port Talbot in the 50mph section adjacent Junctions 40 and 41 was commissioned by the Welsh Government.  The scheme is one of the measures being taken forward as part of the study into improving traffic flows on the M4 through Port Talbot.   The trial closure of Junction 41 west-bound on-slip on a part time basis is part of the same study*.  However, the Average Speed Enforcement system is not dependant on the outcome of the trial closure and will be a permanent installation. 

The cameras have been installed to improve overall journey times and manage traffic flow along the M4 between Junctions 40 and 41 which in turn will reduce collisions along this stretch of road.  Average speed enforcement was selected as the preferred solution for speed management by the Welsh Government. This type of enforcement system has a proven record of managing speeds effectively, ensuring maximum compliance levels and minimising the number of offenders.  Average Speed enforcement is an efficient speed enforcement method leading to reductions in speeds across entire sections of roads and reductions in the number of RTIs (Road Traffic Incidents) and casualties**

GoSafe is currently working closely with the media, local businesses and other groups to actively reduce the number of offenders at this location.

GoSafe, the police or any other partners within GoSafe do NOT make any profit from speed and red light fines.  All fine revenue is passed to the Treasury.   GoSafe is funded by a grant from the Welsh Government and ACPO (Cymru).  This means there is no incentive for GoSafe to place cameras anywhere other than where they are needed to improve road safety.  


*Welsh Government

** A review of average speed camera effectiveness at a number of sites throughout the UK showed a positive impact on injury reduction  (ETSC 2009)