Driving in the UK

Please take note of the following UK driving rules:

As a foreign driver please pay extra attention to the following:  

  • You must drive on the left-hand side, be particularly careful when turning right.
  • Know your speed limits, Speed limits may be lower in some places - watch out for signs
  • Britain’s road signs - there could also be confusion between imperial and metric signs (such as speed limits or bridge heights) - Give-way rules (for example, these are quite different in New Zealand)
  • Tacograph laws (this may mean drivers are excessively tired, having driven longer hours than they should have)
  • At roundabouts, give way to traffic coming from the right, unless road markings tell you otherwise. Drive round clockwise and signal left as you approach your exit.
  • Only use the hard shoulder of the motorway in an emergency and switch on your hazard lights. Use an emergency phone nearby to call for help.
  • Drink driving laws differ for each country so please be aware that in the UK it is best not to drink at all if you are driving.
  • You and your passengers must wear seat belts if they are fitted - both in the front and back of the vehicle. Younger children should be in properly fitted car seats.
  • Do not use your mobile phone whilst driving. This is illegal in the UK.
  • If you are in an accident please be aware that you must stop and give your name, address and insurance details to the other driver(s) involved. Also you must inform the police if anyone is injured. 

Use the following tool to see if you can drive in the UK with your non-GB driving licence.  Great Britain is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.