Try to be a responsible passenger. While it is nice to go for a driver with a friend in the car with a full licence, it is important that you are also responsible. When you are a passenger, the way you behave can make the driver more likely to crash.

You may think your friend is an excellent driver but it is likely that your friend is still feeling pretty nervous when driving. It is important that you help calm their nerves. So they will gain confidence more quickly.  If you’re a nuisance, things will be more difficult for the driver.

Here are some things you can do to help the driver :

  • Be quiet - Allow the driver to concentrate on driving - keep the gossip until the driver can   concentrate fully on your story .
  • Do not embarrass them - Most new drivers are crunching the gears, is stalling at lights or make a kangaroo jump when starting sometimes. Do not make a fuss; laugh with them.
  • Be patient - Maybe your friend will go slower than your grandmother, but do not put pressure on them to drive faster. Leave them alone. If you can not tolerate that, you can always walk.
  • Keep them on the straight and narrow - does not mean just traveling on country lanes ! In order to maintain control while driving - and keep their licence - we need to be sober and without the influence of drugs while driving. If they want to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, tell them that that is clearly silly thing to do - and say it LOUD!
  • Look after yourself.  Most new drivers are nervous and very hard at the beginning but it's not all : some are over- confident about their driving ability . This puts you at risk. So if your friend speeding or driving you crazy, tell them. Be ready to catch the bus if they do not listen - they will not feel very cool driving around on their own.