GoSafe regularly receives a number of videos and photographs of people driving dangerously, using a mobile phone, jumping red lights and many other forms of unsafe driving. Here’s some examples of submissions we've received and the action that we’ve taken against irresponsible drivers...

Offence: South Wales Police - Due Care and Attention (Close Pass)
The offending motorist was travelling directly behind a group of cyclists, and as they were approaching a traffic island in the middle of the road the motorist manoeuvred swiftly to overtake the cyclist. This manoeuvre was careless and severely increased the risk to the safety of the cyclists involved. On the 18th August, 2021 the offending motorist pleaded guilty at Cardiff Magistrates Court to an offence of driving without due care, where he received a fine of £386 and given 9 penalty points on their license; 9 penalty points being the maximum you can receive for a driving without due care and attention offence.
Offence: Gwent Police - Mobile Phone Use
A cyclist was waiting by a set of traffic lights along Caerleon Road, Newport when they noticed the driver of the vehicle waiting beside them by the lights was using their mobile phone whilst in control of a vehicle. After appearing before the Magistrate Court the motorist was fined a total of £419 and given 6 penalty points on their license.
Offence: Gwent Police - Due Care (Section 172)
In the clip above a motorist can be seen undertaking a line of traffic at speed and manoeuvring without due care to beat the waiting line of traffic to drive ahead at the crossroads. The offending motorist failed to respond to our initial communications and was subsequently summoned before the Magistrates Court for Section 172, where they were given a fine of £816 and 6 penalty points on their license.