GoSafe regularly receives a number of videos and photographs of people driving dangerously, using a mobile phone, jumping red lights and many other forms of unsafe driving. Here’s some examples of submissions we've received and the action that we’ve taken against irresponsible drivers...

Offence: North Wales Police - Section 3, Failure To Furnish
A motorist was driving along Ffordd Derwen, Rhyl , going from a 20mph zone into a 30mph zone, when a vehicle overtook them at high speed and continues down the road. The motorist was contacted regarding the offence, however they failed to furnish and were subsequently taken to court. Having been detained in custody for 1 day, the offender was given a fine of £200 and disqualified from driving for 6 months.
Offence: North Wales Police - Section 3, Close Pass
A cyclist was riding along the A547 Abergele Road from Gwrych Castle to Llandulas when a vehicle overtook the cyclist without giving safe distance between themselves and the cyclist. This dangerous and careless manoeuvre risked the safety of the cyclist. After we contacted the offending motorist they were offered a course but chose instead to attend court where they pleaded not guilty. The offender was found guilty and subsequently given a fine of £60, 3 penalty points and £640 costs.
Offence: North Wales Police - Section 3
A cyclist was riding along Ffordd Abergele through Bodelwyddan, towards St. George and as they rode closer to the junction they realised the car waiting at the junction was pulling out and was getting very close to them. The cyclist braked hard as the car drove dangerously close to them. The driver of the vehicle then drove off. The offending motorist was initially given a conditional offer of a course, but they refused the offer, meaning the case had to go to court. At court, the offender was given a £220 fine, £85 costs, £32 victim surcharge and 3 penalty points on their licence.